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Transport for London

Traffic Club London - Safer Journeys for little Londoners

Transport for London wanted to Influence long-term road safety behavioural change among pre-schoolers in London through an engaging print and online education programme.



Bharti Bhikha led this project.

Our solution to this was ‘Children’s Traffic Club London’, helping to make a positive contribution towards reducing child casualties.

The programme ensures young children and their parents (and carers) are engaged with fun activities, while building key risk awareness skills and promoting lifesaving road safety and active travel messages.
CTC London embraces the technology available for this age group and provides a multi-media framework by offering a truly cross-platform resource for children aged 3 to 4 and their parent (or carer).

Viewing London through A Child's Eye

The content itself embraces ‘all things London’ with popular landmarks and relatable characters. Online, children discover interactive content brought to life with animation, sound effects, pop-up messages and talking text. Games reinforce road safety and active travel messages, as well as specially-commissioned song lyrics set to well-known nursery tunes.

Zinc’s knowledge, expertise and experience in designing and delivering both print and online educational resources for the pre-school audience is second to none; as is the professionalism with which they approached the delivery of our project.”

Simone Oyekanmi