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Risky Pics

Nearly 40% of teenagers have taken part in ‘sexting’. This film aimed to highlight to young teenagers the risks and the consequences both for the sender and the receiver. They are often unaware of the personal and legal consequences of creating and sharing explicit pictures and videos.


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Leah Harris led this project.

Exposes The Dangers Of Sexting

In our dramatization, we created a 'Sliding Doors' moment where we follow two stories of the same girl, the one who hit 'delete' and the one who hit 'send' - to make the audience realise the difference all came down to a click of a button...

For Vulnerable Young Adults

This film was shown to 11-15 year olds in Wales, in classroom lessons facilitated by community police officers to children completely unaware of the consequences of sexting socially, emotionally and in terms of the law. The script and filming techniques needed sensitivity in approach, with enough sexuality to give the story authenticity, without compromising the safety or rights of the young actors involved and remaining appropriate to the audience. We filmed the drama spoken in both Welsh and English.

They fully understood the requirements of producing high quality films that grasp the attention of young people and provide credible advice and information. The films have been incredibly successful in delivering the messages to pupils across Wales

South Wales Police