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The CPNI is responsible for our national security and advises organisations on how to remain secure - in this instance, against the threat of terrorism.



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Leah Harris led this project.

Spot the fake!

The film shows how easy it is to fake a realistic passport or driving licence to get a job or access an organisation illegally, or with the intent of causing harm. These documents are often only seen once, briefly, in the early stages of recruitment, so the CPNI wanted to produce a training film to make companies fully aware of 'the threat' and know how to spot forged or fake ID.

We devised a drama documentary based around real-life incidents to illustrate the very real threat. The potential consequences of giving a job and security access to someone who is not who they say they are was deliberately left open to the viewers' imagination. We also tracked down an 'ex fraudster' who had made a career from forging documents, which added credibility and an 'inside' perspective. By contrasting good and bad practice within the drama, the film was both 'attitudinal' and 'practical' in terms of its messaging and training.

Successfully spreading the message

The film is viewed either as a stand-alone or used in a facilitated training session. Over 7,000 DVDs have been distributed to organisations around the UK.

“Expertly communicated and in a short film really shows the vital importance of proper document checks and how to do these”

Team Leader at CPNI