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City University

Towering ambitions

In the highly competitive education market, City University London’s vision was to be within the top 2% of the world's universities by 2016. This film brings their vision to life, showing the University as forward looking and demonstrating the passion of its academics.



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Leah Harris led this project.

Visionary and inspirational film

It was aimed at internal and external audiences to raise the profile of the university so they attract and retain the best academic talent, to encourage the development of business and educational partnerships globally, and to secure funding from the University's board.

This film had to be visionary and inspirational. To give it that inspirational feel we decided against a usual 'talking heads' film. We recorded the interviews with top level academics as audio only, and filmed portraits of them with slow camera moves. We used a top Director of Photography to ensure the images were beautiful, two cameras on the shoot maximised shooting time.

Attention grabbing

The film is shown on the website and at events and exhibitions as well stakeholder meetings

17,000 views on Youtube and Feedback such as “Brilliant video – makes me a proud alumni”.