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Inspiring safe and sustainable mobility

BMW Group are one of our longest change makers and for nearly 20 years we have been proud that the BMW Group Education Programme has maintained its position as a leading online education website. A new refreshed and updated website was recently launched and with over 2 million hits a year, it is as popular as ever.



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Anne Widjaja led this project.

A Driving Force In Education!

The BMW Group Education Programme provides a range of information and online education resources aimed at students of all ages: from primary school children through to university students, teachers and parents.

Topics covered include: energy (sources, renewables) and the environment, road safety, science and technology behind the car and the skills needed to work in the automotive industry.

Intelligent Living

The latest addition to their collection is 'Intelligent Living'. A new digital learning resource to help teachers bring a hands-on and smarter approach to sustainability. 'Intelligent Living' includes curriculum linked lessons to show pupils how sustainability and design ideas – such as upcycling – can help reduce carbon footprints.